Management - Acknowledging the relativity of morality

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Acknowledging the relativity of morality opens up the gray area that is often referenced in discussing ethics—the most challenging part of acknowledging that gray area is removing your viewpoint. Consider the concept of equipoise, which involves continually monitoring one’s thoughts for bias. If you can practice this daily, you will begin to see more and more gray areas. This nurtures tolerance and understanding of others, which is what grasping the concept of ethics is all about.

Focus on the following questions in your submission:

  • Compare whether people in American culture accept the ambiguity of a relative concept, such as morality, or reinforce the idea that someone must be right and wrong.
    • If so, determine where Americans may get that concept from.
  • Examine whether people insist there is always one "right" way about things and to what degree the influence of culture shapes that view.

Respond to the prompts using higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) from Bloom's taxonomy. Be sure to demonstrate your mastery of the course content through analysis, synthesis, and the application of ideas.

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