Chapter 7, 8 Discussion - Higher-Order Cognitive Functions in Adulthood

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Chapter 7-8 Discussion

ntegrate your views with those of the textbook and the optional articles or other sources you find; use APA-style citations. 

Ch 7: Higher-Order Cognitive Functions in Adulthood

Executive Functioning and Term Limits.  What is executive functioning and how does it fare in adulthood?  Given its importance in complex decision-making and problem-solving, do you think there should be “term limits” for individuals in key decision-making roles such as political, religious, or business leaders? Should there be mandatory intelligence testing of these individuals every few years as a condition of staying in the role? Why or why not? Using the key concepts from this chapter, explain your view.

Adult Learners at Work. Imagine that you are designing a program for adults over 40 for learning about a new system or process at your current or future place of employment.  Based on the research about how adults learn best, describe three specific instructional practices that you would build into your training program.  Provide enough detail and context so that other readers can envision what you will do, and why.

Ch 8: Personality in Adulthood

You Choose! Identify a question that occurred to you while you were completing this week’s readings on the psychodynamic, trait, social cognitive, and cognitive perspectives on adult personality development. Write your Discussion Question in italics, then answer it. Reply to two others’ Discussion Questions and posts, as well.

Midlife Crisis.  Analyze the research evidence for and against “midlife crisis.” Are your own observations of midlife adults consistent with the research? Why or why not?

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