Psychology Research Reflection - Does this study reflect

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Psychology Research Reflection

1. Does this study reflect basic or applied research? How do you know?

2. What level(s) of analysis (biological, psychological, environmental) are being employed in this study? Explain and identify the specific details of the study that show this.

3. What were the findings of previous research that led the researchers to do this study? What was the research question that they attempted to answer? What was (were) the researchers’ hypothesis(es)?

4. How was this study conducted? Was it an experiment or a non-experiment? How can you tell? What were the variables under investigation in this study? Identify the dependent and independent variables, if applicable.

5. What were the main findings of this study? How do they relate to the original study hypothesis(es)?

6. How do the researchers explain their results? What are some other possible explanations? What are some strengths of this study? Limitations?

7. What do the authors propose as a possible mechanism to explain their results?

8. What are the possible implications of these results in the real world?

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