Chapter 6 Discussion - Basic Cognitive Functions

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Chapter 6 Discussion

Ch 6: Basic Cognitive Functions: Information Processing, Attention, Memory

Returning Students. Several of you have gone back to school after age 35.  For those of you willing to admit this…what differences in information processing, attention, and memory have you noticed?  How has your experience as a student been different than it would have been if you had done this when you were in your 20's? How does the research cited in this chapter help you understand your challenges?

Stereotype Threat and Performance. Stereotype threat (p. 130) is similar to the age-old notion of a “self-fulfilling prophesy.” How do adults' expectations for their cognitive performance help or hinder their cognitive functioning? How might you use this notion in your work or in your own life to facilitate your own or others’ optimal cognitive functioning?

Gaming and Cognitive Functions. Computer-based games, whether action video games, casual video games, or brain-training games, are used by more and more adults of all ages.  Can the changes in basic cognitive functions that result from playing computer-based games have an impact on other adult cognitive tasks, such as driving or work-related tasks?  Why or why not?  Is there research to support your conclusion?

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