Chapter 5 Discussion - Health and Prevention in Adulthood

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Chapter 5 Discussion

Ch 5: Health and Prevention in Adulthood

Mediating Risk Factors. For many disorders or diseases with an adult onset, genetics may play a part. Which of the disorders or diseases in this chapter are in your family history? Assuming an interactionist model, what behavioral changes might mediate any genetic risk you have and prevent you from developing one or more of the disorders and diseases of adulthood discussed in this chapter?

Cultural and Racial Differences in Health.  For many disorders and diseases with an adult onset, there are racial and/or regional differences in the rates of incidence and mortality (death due to that disease). Give some examples from the chapter of diseases or disorders that are more common for some groups than others.  What can explain these differences in occurrence?  How can racial and cultural differences be related to genetic and environmental causes, and how might they interact?

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