Business Plan - What is the name of your product/service

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Business Plan Questionnaire


Name of Company:

Website Address:

Email Address:



1. What is the name of your product/service and how does it work? Provide a detailed description.

2. What industry does your business belong?

3. What are the names of the people involved in the business and what are the positions they hold?

4. Tell me four main city your business is targeting

5. What is the reason behind you starting your business? Include your mission statement. If you don’t have one, we can provide you with one.

6. What is your vision statement?

7. Where are you located (geolocation), your business address…

8. What or who is the competition in your industry?

9. What is your business objective?

10. Who are your target markets?

11. If using a website describe your ecommerce platform and also send us your website address.

12. What is the level of experience you have in this industry?

13. Provide a short biography leading up to the point you started the company.

14. Are you looking for an investor? If yes answer the following questions.

15. How much are you selling your product for?

16. What is the amount of revenue you expect to generate in the first year of operation?

17. Is this a home based business? If no how much is the rent you pay for your office structure?

18. How much are you asking from your investor?

19. What are the costs of the monthly expenses you expect to incur? Please list them along with the cost.

Monthly expenses:





Office Supply:


20. Are there any assets or liabilities that you are presently carrying (Loans, Pensions, and IRA/401K)? If yes please list them.

21. When and what are the steps you plan to take to make your business a success?


Kindly provide answers to the following:

1. How much net profit are you anticipating to make in your first, second, third, fourth and fifth years.

2. Kindly list some expenses you would incur in the course of operation. Indicate each expense with price if it is a monthly or yearly expense.

3. At what rate would you be offering your services and at what profit margin (percentage?)

4. How Many Staff members do you have? Kindly give a salary scale on each staff member.

5. Any form of Loan or Investment? If any, kindly state and give % on interest.

6. owner investment or shareholder contribution?

7. Fill the startup table below.









Startup Expenses




Stationery etc.










Total Startup Expenses




Startup Assets


Cash Required


Startup Inventory


Other Current Assets


Long-term Assets


Total Assets




Total Requirements



8. Milestone – A USEFUL TOOL

This is where a business plan becomes a real plan, with measurable activities, instead of just a document.

Include as many specific programs as possible. For each program, give it a name, a person responsible, a milestone date, and a budget.

Note that all the above information is very important. You don’t have to be accurate; you can just give an estimate but note that the financial plan will be based on the estimate given.  

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