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Business & Finance help with Japan assignment

8 different references to support your arguments and recommendations, of which minimum 4 references are academic and minimum 4 references are to established professional organizations. Please refer to the step-by-step directions for a fullreview of all requirements for this assignment and to the Grading Rubric for the assignment point allocation.

Step-by-Step Directions

? Introduction (1 paragraph)

? Describe briefly the purpose of the research paper and your goals for it.

? General Country Research (minimum 1.5 pages)

? Present your country of choice and explain what draws your interest to it.

? Present the four systems that are commonly used to research a country.

? Present your research findings about the political, economic, legal and cultural systems in your country of choice.

? Present an analysis of the country that emphasizes the advantages and disadvantages it faces as a global player.

? Country Current Economy Research (minimum 1.5 pages)

? Present an overview of the prominent resources and industries in the country.

? Summarize your research finding on the international trade the country engages with, on the Foreign Direct Investments in and out of the country, and the current import and export trends.

? Present your analysis of the current global economic status of the country emphasizing both advantages you have identified as well as potential weakness and or threats the country is facing.

? Current US Economy Overview (minimum 0.5 page)

? Describe briefly the current economic situation in the USA.

? Identify two prominent economic factors the USA is currently facing, such as issues, challenges, advances innovations, etc.

? Global Collaboration Opportunities (minimum 2 pages)

? Research the current global collaboration between your country of choice and the USA and present your major findings.

? Based on your research of the current US economy and your research on the country of your choice, recommend one new way, in which the two countries can collaborate in a mutually beneficial way.

? Develop an argument for the benefits both countries could gain through your proposed collaboration opportunity.

? Identify how the two countries can address together one ethical or sustainability challenge.

? Identify the type of US companies (e.g. industry, product, service, etc.) that can benefit from such collaboration and explain why.

? Conclusion (1 paragraph)

? Conclude your research with a summary of your major findings and ideas.

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