Assessment - State’s Process Of ELL Identification And Placement

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State’s Process Of ELL Identification And Placement

Assessment Description

Federal and state guidelines require schools to identify, assess, and classify potential ELL/bilingual students once a Home Language Survey (HLS) has been completed on initial enrollment. Each state has its own assessment for screening students to determine if they qualify for language services or are deemed fluent English speakers and do not qualify.

Research Alabama's Department of Education and/or Montgomery Public School District's website to identify the identification and placement process into language support programs based on an ELP screening assessment. You may find it helpful to research the assessment company's website for additional information. 


Create a two-page brochure for parents/guardians that provides information on your state’s process of identification and placement of ELL/bilingual students. Include the following in your brochure:

· A flowchart explaining your state’s process for identifying ELL/bilingual students and placing them into language support programs in family-friendly language

· A brief description of which ELP assessment is utilized for screening and the cut scores for qualifying as an ELL/bilingual student

· Parent/Guardian rights regarding their children’s identification and placement into language support programs (e.g., parent notification and consent, request for student withdrawal)

· Three expectations that parents/guardians can anticipate regarding language support for their children (e.g., types of services offered by the school, educator roles and responsibilities, parent/guardian roles and responsibilities)

Support your brochure with 3-5 scholarly resources.

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