What is the problem, and once you identify the problem

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Find a article on the Texas Government and write about that article that details: What is the problem, and once you identify the problem what is the issue area and then identify solutions. In your own words.

Identify Problems

Identify Issues areas : frame 5 question of that topic that is not in the article smaller more manageable issue that fold into a larger problem.

Identify Solutions

Select any topic that relates to TEXAS Government find one article from a reputable newspaper or source

1 article af

Analytical Paper Rubric

Write in a logical understandable fashion for reader.  Convey analytical position, perspective through the written word. 

· Follow the required paper structure shown in the example/template paper posted on course front page (See structure only)

· Write two full pages, single spaced paper, 11 font, 1 inch margins (Do not submit 1 and half page FINAL papers) 

· SOLUTION section-  See video lecture detailing a suggested approach for the solution section

· Stop at the end of your second full text page, no reference page needed

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