Analyze?Cashflow?Statements, Compute?the?cash?flows

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1. Analyze?Cashflow?Statements. 2. Compute?the?cash?flows?from?operations, Investments,?and?financial?transactions. 3. Complete A Comprehensive Financial Ratio Analysis From The Perspective Of Stockholders, Creditors, And Other Stakeholders.


You should submit a report in Word format, and a presentation in PowerPoint. The wordcount for all the assessment is 2500 words, the power point presentation should have 10 slides.

  • Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total wordcount.
  • Font: Arial 12,5 pts. 
  • Text alignment: Justified. 
  • company name: Xerox

·  Find the following items in the two latest forms 10-K.

·  Collect its financial data for the last 3 years: Income statement; statement of Cash Flows; Balance sheet.

·  1- Analyse the profitability of the company. 

o  To do that calculate:

§  The gross margin percentage 

§  The return on total assets 

§  The return on equity 

·  2- Assess the liquidity and asset management of the company

o  To do that calculate:

§  Working capital. 

§  The current ratio. 

§  The acid-test ratio.

§  The average collection period.

§  The average sale period. 

§  The operating cycle 

·  3- Assess the company solvency:

o  In order to do that, calculate:

§  The debt-to-equity ratio. 

§  The times interest earned ratio. 

·  4- Analyse the company stock performance

o  Calculate:

§  The earnings per share. 

§  The dividend yield ratio. 

§  The dividend payout ratio. 

§  The price-earnings ratio.

·  5- Summarize which are the strengths and weaknesses. Which recommendations would you give to the company management to improve its competitive position? Support your answer on your calculations. 

Prepare a common size income statement and answer to the following questions:

1.- How is the development of the sales of the company in the period?

2.- What is the development of the margin?

3.- What is the development of the fixed costs?

4.- Make your comments and explain numerically the development of the following items:

a) Total Assets

b) Total Liabilities

c) Stockholder´s Equity

d) Change in cash 

e) What is the working capital of the company, is it adequate for the business of the company?

f) Comment on the leverage of the company and give an explanation based on calculations.

k) Comment on the cash flow development of the period.

l) Explain the difference between Net Income and Operating Cash Flow.

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