15-20 Lines Poem Needed

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Assignment 1:

  • It is a simple poem assignment, the teacher will not grade it tough.
  • Please use my experience about learning SAT and TOFEL test in two months and succeed got ucla's offer finally to write a 15-20 lines poem. 
  • In the poem you can describe that how hard to learn a second language in 2 month. Study day and night. 20,000 vocabularies need to remember. Even though for native speaker students, SAT is also a tough test for them. However, I study to learn these two tests from I only know a little bit English and finally got 1460/1600 in SAT. My parents and teachers are so proud of me.
  • The poem does not to be perfect. Just try your best to write as good as you can. 


Assignment 2:

  • For this post, discuss: 
  • What is the relationship between marriage, monogamy, and power?
  • Please reference the Spade article in your post.

?Below is the reading that for assignment2)

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