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This is my final assignment and it weighs a lot. I need a PowerPoint completed by  5/18/18 NLT 5pm. This is imperative


The purpose of the Interpersonal Communication Project (ICP) is twofold: first, to develop an interpersonal communication design that demonstrates your commitment to develop and maintain healthy, healing, and holy relationships through effective communication and, second, to demonstrate your ability to compose and effectively deliver a message with clear, purposeful, and well-organized content and attention to both verbal and nonverbal communication principles. 


The content for your ICP will be built throughout the course. You will be responsible for producing a 9–10-minute video recording of yourself presenting this project and create an accompanying PowerPoint presentation that highlights your main points and clearly discloses your sources. The video file will be uploaded to YouTube and the PowerPoint presentation will be submitted on Blackboard along with a link to the video. Do not submit your PowerPoint until your video has been successfully uploaded and processed for viewing.


Your presentation must include the following sections/main points: 

1. Introduction:

Introduce yourself and provide a very brief preview of your project in a way that engages the audience.

2. Overarching goal:

Articulate an overarching goal for your life. This goal should, ideally, be succinctly formulated as a single phrase. Identify of the role and importance of interpersonal communication for enlarging your conversation in the context of this goal.

3. Background and behavioral blend:

Describe how your background and behavioral blend influences your communication style, both positively and negatively.

4. Communication barriers:

Identify the most significant communication barriers and/or challenges that you have discovered in your interpersonal context. 

5. Resources and strategies:

Describe the most helpful resources that you have discovered and explain how these provide strategic solutions to overcoming your communication barriers/challenges.

6. Action plan:

Discuss the steps you will take in order to enlarge your conversation and make your overarching goal a reality. 

7. Conclusion:

End with a memorable closing statement or quote.


For this project, you must incorporate all the required course texts and 2 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles in a meaningful, effective, and significant way. Attribution to these sources must be clear throughout, ideally by oral reference. Evidence of self-reflection, critical thinking, interaction with the course material, and synthesis of the literature is expected. The language and terminology used in your presentation should be familiar to the audience and appropriate for the setting. When organizing your presentation, make sure each required section/main point is sufficiently developed given the time limit. Transitions between subtopics should be clear and maintain flow of thought. All content must be applied, personalized, and clearly linked to your overarching goal. 


The video must be of sufficient quality for a professional setting and show you speaking, ideally from the waist up. Your PowerPoint must not be featured in the video; instead use verbal cues to indicate to your audience when to advance to the next slide. Your delivery should demonstrate a willingness to communicate with attention to audience engagement, articulation, pronunciation, tone, absence of vocal fillers, eye contact, posture and movement. Your presentation must not exceed 10 minutes, or you will be unable to upload your video file.


Your PowerPoint presentation must include a total of 15–20 slides that have a consistent look, font usage and style throughout. The slides should effectively and professionally communicate key points and provide visual support for your oral presentation, rather than “stand alone” with an over-abundance of text. Make sure graphic elements and images add interest rather than distract from the overall content. Use the last one or two slides for a complete APA style bibliography.

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