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PowerPoint Visual Presentation with Voiceover (Using a screen recording)

To practice designing and delivering a speech with visual aids, you must focus on the visual aid component as well as effective language. This assignment requires you to design a PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates the effective use of visual aids and vivid language in a speech. You will record yourself orally giving the presentation while displaying the PowerPoint slides. Record the PowerPoint and voiceover together by following the instructions for Kaltura using the desktop recording tool below. You will display your slides on your desktop while recording your voice. [MO4.1, MO4.3]

For assistance on how to create a video and use the desktop recording tool in Kaltura, be sure to visit: Using Kaltura Video Tools in Moodle. Use the “Screen Recording” tools section of the linked document to help with your presentation.

Guidelines for the PowerPoint

Design a PowerPoint presentation for your own version of the TED talk that you evaluated in Written Assignment 3. Follow the guidelines given in the assigned slideshow readings for this module when creating your PowerPoint. Your presentation should include 5 to 6 slides. The slideshow should be impactful and interesting, keeping your audience’s attention. Be sure to include graphic elements such as a chart or graph. Your design should be bold and compelling. Be consistent with fonts, colors, and stylistic choices. Simple is better than cluttered.

Guidelines for the Video

Create your own original version of the TED talk speech, using the same topic. You should not repeat any of the vivid language used in the TED talk. Record and submit yourself orally giving the speech to accompany the PowerPoint. You may use the evidence cited in the TED talk, but add your own spin to the topic. The voiceover should be impactful and interesting, keeping your audience’s attention. The video should be 3 to 5 minutes long.

Note: Keep in mind you are not focusing on evaluating sources, gathering research, or providing substantive claims; rather, you are concentrating on the effective design of your slides and vivid language in the speech.

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