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Magnetic Field Physics
I need answer to this questions ASAP. I need to see full step by step answer and formulas used in the problem.  …
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define electro chemistry describe galvanic and voltaic cell …
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The Electromagnetic Spectrum
 The Electromagnetic Spectrum eActivity Watch the video titled “Video Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum” (5 min 03 s). Be prepared to discuss. Video Source: NASA. (2012, June 20). V …
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Magnetic force between the two halves of a conductor with current.
An infinitely long cylinder, radius a, carries a current I, distributed uniformly over its cross-sectional area. The axis of the cylinder coincides with the z-axis. a) Calculate the force per unit le …
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Problems applying Ampere's law, using the vector notation
1. A long wire parallel to the x axis carries a current of 6.5 A in the positive x direction. There is a uniform magnetic field B = 1.35 T j. Find the force per unit length on the wire.2. A long strai …
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