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devry MATH-102 all week discussions

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Subject: Mathematics
Due on: 11/30/2013
Posted On: 11/22/2013 06:36 AM

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Week 1 discussion

MyMathLab (graded)

You will be making extensive use of MyMathLab (MML) to complete the assignments listed in order on the Course Schedule. The help resources available inside the Homework questions and the Study Plan exercises ought to be used in the following order: first Textbook, then Video or Animation (if available), then View an Example, and then Help Me Solve This.

  1. How and when do you plan to make use of the MML Study Plan?
  2. Please choose at least one of the other many help features and resources available in MML (e.g., Help Me Solve This, View an Example, Sample Tests) and explain how you plan to utilize that to help you to succeed.

Week 2 discussion

Simplification (graded)

We know that when simplifying, we must follow the algebraic order of operations. The order of operations is as follows. First, perform any operations containing parentheses. If the parentheses are “nested”, work from the inside out. Second, perform any operations with exponents. Third, perform any operations involving multiplication and division working from left to right. Finally, work operations with addition and subtraction again from left to right. For this thread, set up and solve an equation, or simplify an expression, in which you need to simplify using the order of operations in at least three of the steps.

Week 3 discussion

Algebra Concepts (graded)

Communication is considered an important component of mathematics education in order for deep learning to occur. Choose a specific algebra concept that you think you understand well, and explain it in your own words. Then, present a math problem for your classmates to solve making use of this concept.

Week 4 discussion

Math Help (graded)

Free, live, online tutoring and more is available from Smarthinking by clicking on “Tutor Source” under Course Home. Post your ideas for making good use of Smarthinking to help you succeed in the course.

Week 5 discussion

Problem Solving (Graded)

Solve an application (“word”) problem from the text, Homework, or Study Plan showing all of your work. For each step, provide your reasoning. How did you start? What prompted you to try a particular strategy? Did you try any other strategies that did not work? How did you check your answer?

Week 6 discussion

Math Mistakes (Graded)

Choose a common mistake, or a mistake you have made, doing an algebra problem. Show the incorrect method, explain why it does not work, and then show how to do it correctly.

Week 7 discussion

Course Objectives (Graded)

Choose a Terminal Course Objective (TCO) from the Syllabus that you’ve learned in the course and solve a homework or Study Plan problem that relates to that TCO. Be sure to include the TCO in your post. 8

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devry MATH-102 all week discussions

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