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Here is the assignment that is due for the last part of the last paper u helped me with.

Part I - II: Review and revise your individual project from last week. You must include parts I and II from individual project # 4 as they will be graded again. Then add the following responses to your document:

Part III: Regression and Correlation: Based on what you have learned from your research on regression analysis and correlation answer the following questions about the Body Fat Versus Weight data set:

1. When performing a regression analysis it is important to first identify your independent/predictor variable versus your dependent/response variable or simply put your x versus y variables. How do you decide which variable and which is your response variable?

2. Based on the Body Fat Versus Weight data set, which variable is the predictor variable? Which variable is the response variable? Explain.

3.Using Excel construct a scatter plot of your data.

4. Using the graph and intuition determine whether there is a positive correlation a negative correlation or no correlation. How did you come to this conclusion?

5. Calculate the correlation coefficient r, and verify your conclusion with your scatter plot. What does the correlation coefficient determine? Discuss the strength of the correlation coefficient calculated and if the correlation is positive or negative.

6. Add a regression line to your scatter plot and obtain the regression equation. (a) Does the line appear to be a good fit for the data? Why or why not? (b) Regression equations help you make prediction. Using your regression equation discuss what the slope means and determine the predicted value of weight when body fat is zero. Interpret the meaning of this result.

Part IV: Putting it Together

Your analysis is now complete and you are ready to report your findings to your boss. In one paragraph summarize your results by explaining your findings from the statistical measures, hypothesis test, and regression analysis of body fat and weight for the 252 men attending Silver's Gym.


Objectives: Professor also requires including applied (non-mathematical) definitions of the related concepts such as mean, standard deviation, hypothesis test, slope, intercept and correlation for each part along with references citations. Also you are asked to interpret all calculated results obtained from Excel.


References, cities and APA format please.


























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