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How does Descartes' cogito evidence that he is an epistemologic rationalist? Please answer by responding to the following subquestions:1. Who was Descartes?  When did he live?2. What does it mean that he was an epistemic rationalist?3. What was the process by which he arrived at his conclusion "cogito ergo sum"?4. How is this statement reflective of his epistemic method of doubt?5. In what fashion did the cogito constitute Descartes' epistemic turning point?6. How did Descartes avoid solipsism? (What is solipsism? And how did he avoid becoming a solipsist?)7. What was the role of God in Descartes reconstructing his epistemology?8. How is this related to Descartes' problem of the external world?


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Discussion about Philosophy

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I send you the content to write a discussion about Philosophy (Introduction of Philosophy).

In answer the discussion questions please follow the following format:

1. answer

2. answer

3. answer

4. answer


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discussion about Philosophy

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Preview: nature xx reality, xx suggests that xx ask what xx would xxxx xx know xxxxx reality What xxx the process xx which xx xxxxxxx at xxx conclusion "cogito xxxx sum"? How xx this xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx of xxx epistemic method xx doubt? In xxxx fashion xxx xxx cogito xxxxxxxxxx Descartes' epistemic xxxxxxx point?Thinking’, according xx Descartes, xxxxxx xxx kind xx mental activity, xx would any xxxx of xxxxxxx xx as x premises for xxx Cogito? There xxx passages xxxx xxxx to xxxxxxx this, a xxxx that emerges xxxxxxxxx out xx xxx so-called xxxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx transparency of xxx mind’, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx whatever xx are aware xx as happening xxxxxx us xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx I, xx .....
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