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Guidelines for the Proposal (100 points): A proposal offers a detailed and full description of your project (as best you know it at the time of writing) in no more than 2 pages.  To succeed, students will need to find at least one source of information related to their topics.  Students may work with their professors to identify areas of inquiry or may accept a topic and focus from the list. Understand that you are making a best effort to describe your project early on, but allow yourself to be open to growth and change as you conduct research and focus your intentions.Guidelines for the Two-Part Annotated Bibliography (75 and 125 points): Good annotations make for excellent papers. You are required to annotate two academic scholarly resources in week three and four additional resources in week three for a total of six. A scholarly resource is written by an academic scholar, holding a Ph.D. or other terminal degree, is published in a multi-volume, peer-reviewed journal, and has ample references of its own.  Successful annotations begin with your introduction (to the best extent you know it at that point in time), capture publication details, briefly summarize a text, locate key terms, find controversies to analyze and evaluate, and assist in the creation of new knowledge.Guidelines for the Draft (150 points): Your draft should be a largely finished product, impeccably formatted, and nearly complete.  It should have all the APA citation and referencing fully in place.  In length, it should be five-to-seven pages.Guidelines for the Final Paper (200 points): The essay must be nine to ten double-spaced pages in length (not including the title or reference pages). The margins should be no more than one inch (right and left). The essay should be composed in 12-point Times New Roman font.  Include a minimum of five scholarly sources. Other sources may also be used, but at least five sources must be academic and scholarly.  Dictionaries, encyclopedias, websites ending with the .gov, .org, or .edu, newspapers or other media sources do not constitute scholarship. All of the sources must be documented and cited using APA format.Here are suggested topics, which you may elect to use or not use.  If you wish to work outside of these suggestions, be sure to clear your project with your professor.Compare and contrast society during the early Renaissance in Europe to contemporary societyCompare and contrast human understanding of the nature of revenge prior to and after the creation of HamletAnalyze the themes, imagery or interpretation of The Waste Land and describe how one or more of these are found in contemporary societyEvaluate the work of  Artemisia Gentileschi Renaissance Artist and interpret why she is considered an early feministAnalyze views of women's reproductive solutions in the 19th Century and interpret their historical and contemporary impact.Distinguish the essential differences between the major thought of Plato and Aristotle and use the information to illustrate the impact of philosophy on contemporary views on a given them (life, freedom, power, equality, and more)Examine views of warfare and battle throughout the ages and provide an interpretation that explains the evolution  of the faceless warAnalyze the impact of the Industrial Age and the rise of of capitalism and discuss the key features of both and their influence on contemporary societyInvestigate the history of slavery and discuss the ways in which this history impacts contemporary society

you have to pick a topic from the files i attached

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i have attached the files the first week is past due and the second week is due this week can any one help. then all the others are due every week i need all the page 9-10 
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  1. you have to pick a topic from the files i attached

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