You are to research global health concerns around the world

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You are to research global health concerns around the world. Select a region and concern that you would like to evaluate. YOU CANNOT PICK USA. A series of photos will be used to explain your selected global health concern. You will include one keyword from each week (6 total) in your photo essay project. Make sure to underline or highlight the keyword in your text. You need to make a reference list because your information that you write about should have sources. You need to have one references from a reading from class.

Keywords: Outbreak, Population, Socioeconomic inequalities, Correlation, Job demand, Gender.

Here is an example:

Step 1: You need to have a creative title that explains your topic.

Step 2: You need to have two paragraphs that explains the who, what, when, and where of your global health concern. You need to have sufficient content in your paragraph that the reader has detailed information on your global health concern and selected country. For example, you should include percentages of people affected. Information on the location. Life expectancy, type of government, etc.

Step 3: You need to end your final paragraph with a statement of 3-5 sentences that speaks about a solution to your global health concern. What others have attempted to do to help the situation, who attempted to do it and when. Add a statement on what do you think should be done and why. Explain what you base your solution on, have you read about your solution working in another country? Back your solution up with a reference. It needs to be a real bona fide solution. Not just for example, my solution is people should help others more.

Step 4: Provide 4-6 photos that explain your concern and can help the reader evaluate the situation. Each photo should have a caption underneath that is a written assessment (3-5 sentences) of the situation based on your research of the global health concern. If you choose less photos you need to increase your written assessment.

Step 5: Include your reference list. And highlight the reference from the course you selected to use.

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