Week 4 Discussion 1&2 - You have just been hired by a company

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Week 4 Discussion

Discussion Question 1:

You have just been hired by a company as an economist and strategic planner. Your company has asked you to generate a report explaining the consequences of the market structure in which the company operates. Assume that the market structure is an oligopoly. Explain to management how this structure could influence decision making, especially pricing, output, advertising, and the use of resources in an oligopolistic market, as compared to other market structures. Justify your answer.

Discussion Question 2:

Price discrimination is the practice of charging different customers or groups of customer’s different prices for the same product.

  • Why does price discrimination occur?
  • Describe the conditions that must be present for price discrimination to occur.
  • Justify your answer.

Start reviewing and responding to at least two of your classmates' postings 

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