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NTC302 Network Web Services

Week 5 Cloud Migration Security

Instructions: In Week 1, you discussed GIG, Inc.'s benefits and concerns with moving to the cloud. In Week 2, you created a high-level diagram of a system using built-in AWS that provided reliability, availability, and continuity across the migrated environment. In Week 3, you chose a database and created a diagram that visualized the chosen system and implementation steps. Last week, you created a spreadsheet that covered each level and provided a summary of the structures that explained the security benefits.

This week, compile all your work from previous weeks and integrate it into your migration plan in a cohesive manner. Additional material about the transition may be required. The plan will be presented to the CEO, CFO, and CTO and should have a professional construction.

You will then create a 10- to 12-slide multimedia-rich Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that explains the proposed migration plan and includes the following items:

Benefits of moving to the cloud

One-for-one transition plan for the given requirement (e.g., the webserver will be moved to an EC2 instance that is placed behind an ELB)

Proposed architecture diagram (how systems are set up)

Proposed network flow diagram (how data flows through the system)

IAM security policy plan

Database plan

Submit your plan and presentation.

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