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Complete the following exercises located at the end of each chapter and put them into a Word document to be submitted as directed by the instructor.

Show all relevant work; use the equation editor in Microsoft Word when necessary.
  1. Chapter 6, numbers 6.7, 6.10, and 6.11
  2. Chapter 7, numbers 7.8, 7.10, and 7.13
  chapter 6
6.7 (a) Estimate whether the following paires of scores for x and y reflect a positive relationship, a negative relationship. Hint: Note any tendency for pairs of x and y scores to occupy similar or disimilar relative locations

   x       y
 64      66
 40     79
 30     98
 71    65
 55   76
 31   83
 61   68
 42  80
 57  72

(B) Construct a scatterplot for x and y, Verify that thescatterplot does not describe a pronounced curvilinear trend.

(c) Calculate r using the computation formula ( 6.1).   Number of cards
                                                                                        Friend     sent           Received
                                                                                        Andrea      5                   10
                                                                                        Mike          7                   12
                                                                                        Doris         13                  14
                                                                                       Steve         9                     18
                                                                                        John          1                      6

6.10  On the basis of an extensive survey, the California Department of Education reported an r of -.32 for the relationship between the amount of time spent watching TV and the achievement test scores of school children. Each of the following statements represents a possible interpretation of this finding. Indicate whether each is true or false.

(a) Every child who watches a lot of TV will perform poorly on the achievement tests

(b) Extensive TV reviewing causes a decline in test scores

(c) Children who watch little TV will tend to perform well on the tests.

(d) Children who perform well on the tests will tend to watch little TV

(e) If Gretchen's TV- viewing time is reduced by one-half, we can expect a substantial improvement in her test scores

(f) TV viewing could not possibly cause a decline in test scores

6.11  Assume that an r of .80 describes the relationship between daily food intake, measured in ounces and body weight, measurment in pounds for a group of adults. Would a shift in the units of measurement from ounces to grams and from pounds to kilograms change the value of R? Justify your answer

Chapter  7

7.8  Each of the following pairsrepresent the number of licensed drivers (x) and the number of cars (y) for seven houses in my neighborhood

  Drivers                                      Cars

  5                                                4
  5                                                3
  2                                                2
  2                                                2
  3                                                2
  1                                                1
  2                                                2

(a)  construct a scatterplot to verify a lack of pronounced cuvrillnearity

(b) Determine the least squares equation for the data.(Remeber you will first have to calaulate R, SSY and SSx)

(c) Detrermine the standard error of estimate, Sy/x give that n=7

(d) predict the number of cars fpr each of two view formulas with two and five drivers

7.10  Assume that R2 equals  .50 for the relationship between height and weight for adults. Indicate whether the following statements are true  or false

(a) Fifty percent of the variability in heights can beeplained by variablility in weights

(b)There is a cause-effect relationship between height and weight

(c) The heights of 50 percent of adults can be predicted exactly from their weights

(d)fifty percent of the variability in weights is predictible from heights

7.13 In the original study of regression toward the mean, Sir Frances Galton noted a tendencies for offspring of both tall and short parents to drift toward the mean height for offspring and referred to this tendency as " regression toward mediocrity". What is wrong with the conclusion that eventually all heights will be close to their means.

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