SSC 331 Legal issues in IS Exercise 2: Executive Summary on Veterans Affairs (VA) and

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ISSC 331 Legal issues in IS

Exercise 2: Executive Summary on Veterans Affairs (VA) and Loss of Private Information


Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Review the case on loss of personal information and be able to make conclusions based on your findings on the VA case and loss of private information.


Assignment Requirements

Refer to the case scenario provided in the Lesson. By now, you have analyzed the case study and have suggested possible mitigating remedies to prevent loss of private information. Write an executive summary that supports your list of suggested remedies.


Much of the information you have analyzed will be technical in nature. First, without creating a full executive summary of the operation, summarize your findings in a simple bullet-point list. This will help to prioritize the remedies suggested. Once you have the summary ready, compile your findings in the form of an executive summary. The main points you need to cover are:

  •      Analyze the mistakes committed by both the employees and the Veterans Affairs Administration that led to data loss.

  •      Ensure that the remedies you suggest prevent the mistakes you analyzed from reoccurring in the future. You can think of using encryption as one of the possible remedies. In this case, describe how encryption can be used.

  •      Explain methods that will ensure proper monitoring and enforcement of the existing security policies. 

Submission Instructions:

Submit your answer in a Microsoft Word document in not more than 300 words.

Font: Arial 10 point size

Line Spacing: Double

Grading Criteria

1. Content 50%

2. Writing Conventions (Grammar and Mechanics)10%

3. Organization of Ideas/Format 300 Words 30%

4. Source (APA Format) 10% 




ISSC351 Computer forensic

Assignment 1:

Search the Internet for articles on computer crime prosecution. Write a one page paper summarizing the article and identify key features of the decision you find in your search.

After answering the questions, save the file with LastnameFirstname_Assignment1 (e.g., JohnSmith_Assignment1) and submit it right back here under Assignment 1 for grading.

Assignments are due by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday of Week 1.

Assignment Grading Criteria

Assignment Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Completes and analyzes relevant lab/activity


Uses proper grammar, spelling and mechanics


Timeliness & APA Style


Total Points:


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