SCI/256 Week 5 Environmental Analysis Presentation

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Perform an analysis of an environmental issue. Prepare a 5- to 8-slide PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes. If you first discuss options with your faculty member, you are also welcome to use a tool such as "Voice Thread" to add audio to your presentation.

Include the following:

o A description of an environmental issue including the cause of the issue and its effects on the environment and people.

o An explanation of how economics and personal lifestyle choice are involved in this issue.

o An explanation of how individuals, communities, and/or governments are working to address the environmental issue.

o Your opinion as to whether the issue is being adequately addressed and suggestions of ways it could be better addressed.

Include at least 2 outside resources for your presentation. Format your presentation according to APA guidelines.

SCI 256 Environmental Analysis Presentation

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