Quick Lab Report And A Quick Powerpoint (I Have The Information I Just Need You To Put It Together For Me)

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I need to deliver a lab report and a quick powerpoint presentation. and I need someone fast that can help me. I have all the information available in this website and its the same information on both documents (lab report and powerpoint presentation). 

And put it together as if was my lab report. I go to Florida State University so I need you to erase all information from the original regarding that is from colorado and replace it for florida state. So basically you are copying all the information in a new word document and just replacing Colorado university to Florida state university. (Please I need some creativity on the decoration) 

The only thing is that I need a new presentation page similar to the one in the link (first page of the lab report). But you have to put on top Florida State University on top and the logo. and replace the names for this ones:

At the end of the report there are resumes. Just ignore that part.

Same thing for the presentation. Replace everything that says University of colorado to Florida State University. Put on the same exact information for the presentation and replace the names.

If you can be creative with the decoration I would appreciate it a lot. I will tip you and give you my best review and on top of that I can give you another easy task.


I need someone that can work right away on this. I need it back in a max of 2 hours.

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