Quantifying Qualitative Information in the Measure Phase

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Quantifying Qualitative Information in the Measure Phase of the DMAIC Process Model

First, read Chapter 5 in  The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook and review your work with SMART goals from Module Two. Next, carefully read the  MEASURE Supplementary Document  and, using your actual organization's conflict (or the Garden Depot case study), Measure the problem or problems you Defined in Module Two. Use the  Organization A Example Flowchart  to help you organize your thinking, and then put the information from your flowchart into a Measure gap-analysis table using the  Measure Gap-Analysis Table Template . Upload this table to the discussion. In your paper, address the following:

· What were some challenges you encountered in identifying the variables (ethical, moral, or legal) that were or are present between employees and the organization you evaluated?

· How will you apply what you have learned about transforming qualitative information to quantitative data to identify and analyze gaps in your final project case study's organizational conflict?

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