PSYC 210 Quiz 2 (2020)

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FASD is one of the leading causes of birth defects and is also associated with many developmental disabilities. FASD stands for:

The lining of the uterus which is expelled during a woman's menstrual period.

The least developed sense in neonates is the sense of:

The baby’s immune system is bolstered in the last month of pregnancy by:

This structure permits food and oxygen to reach the developing child, and safely removes waste products.

The body system most likely to cause life-threatening difficulty in a preterm infant is:

Preterm delivery is defined as any child born before the _____ week of gestation.

Prenatal environmental agents that can potentially cause a variety of unwanted outcomes related to development.

At what point does the brain begin to develop?

Some factors which contribute to low birth weight babies include all of the following EXCEPT:

During the _______ month the fetus begins to turn his head, suck his thumb, or yawn.

All prescription drugs are tested and safe for pregnant mothers.

In human beings, the normal gestation period is:

Prenatal development is divided into _____ periods commonly known as __________.

Empirical studies have established the fact that babies are able to experience the sensation of _____ between 23 and 30 weeks.

The absence of oxygen.

Two prenatal diagnostic tests carry some risk of miscarriage. They are:

During the _______ month the lungs can expand and contract to practice breathing techniques (even though oxygen is still supplied through the placenta).

The developing baby implants (connects to his or her mother’s uterine wall) around the ________ day after conception.

During the last six weeks of pregnancy, an infant can recognize:

The _____ week old fetus can be irritated or stimulated by sound.

Because preterm infants have weak immune systems they should be handled as little as possible.

Teratogens seem to have the most profound effect on developing infants during this prenatal period:

The layer of the embryonic disk that will develop into the muscles, skeleton, circulatory system and other internal organs is called the:

The inner layer of cells within the blastocyst:

A mature ovum travels through the __________ where it may possibly become fertilized.

These cells provide support and nourishment for neurons. They continue to develop throughout pregnancy and into the first few months after delivery.

Some studies indicate that preferences related to this sense may be formed in utero.

The most rapid rate of growth occurs during this period of prenatal development:

A reflexive action which facilitates a neonate's ability to nurse.

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