Pros And Cons Of Costal Reclamation

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Pros And Cons Of Costal Reclamation

Articles, lectures, and videos are attached and linked below.

Neo Video(2020) :

Based on the questions below, discuss the pros and cons of coastal reclamation.

  1. What is coastal reclamation? Refer to the lecture video/slides.
  2. As Sengupta et al. (2018) show us, there has been a surge in coastal reclamation across the world. Why is it getting popular? What are main purposes? What benefits does coastal reclamation bring to the society?
  3. Choi's article (2019) and the Neo video (2020) highlight the contentious/controversial aspects of coastal reclamation. What are the social and ecological impacts of coastal reclamation? Also, is coastal reclamation economically viable?
  4. Given all the knowledge you've acquired, what is your own view on coastal reclamation? On what basis would you support it? On what basis would you oppose it?.
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