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UNIT 6 Major keys and scales sound happy whereas minor keys and scales sound sad. If you had to compose a piece of music (without words) to describe your life, what scales would you use and why?

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When listening to music, which element is usually the most important to you, and why? (Such as melody, rhythm, tempo, harmony, etc.) What usually draws you to a piece of music you are hearing for the first time? Please include an example(s) of a tune(s) that excite you, and specifically why they affect you that way.


There are 12 keys in Western music. If that is so why are there 15 key signatures? How do we account for the other 3 key signatures. What are those key signatures called? Also, can you find out what key your favorite song is in? How did you figure out the key?


We are approaching the end of our time in MUS103. Reflect on the class and think about the Circle of 5ths. What connections have you made between scales, keys, intervals, and the Circle of 5ths? How do these connections aid composers in creating different styles of music and new songs?

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