Physics In Sports - Newton’s Law Culminating Chapter

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Physics In Sports

Newton’s Law Culminating Chapter


To explain how forces cause and change the motions in a sporting activity.


Physics expert and Sports broadcaster


Awards committee


The local sports broadcasting network wanted to bring a different perspective to its sports broadcasts. They began including an educational commentary using physics to analyze and explain the televised sporting events. You are the stations’ “physics” expert and sports broadcaster. You are now nominated for an award in excellence in sports broadcasting for your innovative approach. You have been asked to submit a 2–3-minute sample of your best broadcast for consideration.


Using a video of a sporting activity, create a 2–3-minute video explaining the physics of the sporting activity. The video includes an entertaining science commentary or voice over about the clip. It will also include a description of the observed motion and an analysis of the forces affecting the motion.


Student videos should include:

1. A clip of a sporting activity. (Approximately 1 minute)

2. An engaging voiceover describing the actions in the sporting activity for the entire clip. Your voiceover must be use relevant scientific vocabulary from Chapter 4 (Newton’s Law.

3. A detailed analysis of one video section that discusses Newton’s 2nd Law. A detailed analysis consists of a labeled diagram of the forces present, as well as, an explanation of the effect of the forces on the motion.

4. A second detailed analysis of a different video section that discusses any of Newton’s Laws of Motion or Newton’s Law of Gravity.

5. Use of appropriate scientific vocabulary.

6. Video presentation is audibly and visually clear



1. Sporting activities may include but are not limited: soccer, bicycling, table tennis, badminton, archery, skiing, dog sledding, rock climbing, sailing, boxing, martial arts, polo, water polo, horse-riding, cheese rolling, wrestling, basketball, football, golf, tennis, gymnastics, cricket, caber tossing, curling, track and field events, hockey, darts, billiards, bowling, rugby, kabaddi, dodgeball

2. A mathematical representation could be an equation, graph, table, data, or calculation. It does not specifically mean students must extrapolate numbers from the sport clips in order to calculate a “real” value.

3. You will be sharing your videos.

4. A rubric for scoring this is available through Canvas

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