Pedagogy Of The Oppressed Chapter 2 Sociology Assignment

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After reading chapter 2, respond to questions below. In this chapter, Freire discusses two models of education: 1) traditional banking model and 2) problem-posing education. The entire chapter is focused on several aspects of these two models of education. 

If you need to review concepts used by Freire, please see terminology document posted in the week 11 module.


1. In the beginning of the chapter, Freire discusses the narrative character of education. How does Freire describe the narrative character of education? 

2. What formal name does Freire give to the model of education that incorporates a narrative character? 

3. How does Freire describe the "banking" model of education? 

4. According to Freire, how does the "banking" model of education conceptualize knowledge? 

5. What is Freire's suggestion for correcting the banking concept? 

6. In this chapter, Freire lists ten attitudes/practices that stem from the banking model of education. Choose two practices/attitudes that resonate with you and explain why these two practices/attitudes resonate with you. 

7. According to Freire, how is the banking model of education advantageous to individuals who hold power in society? 

8. Why does Freire describe the banking model of education as necrophilic? Do you agree with Freire? Why or why not? 

9. How does Freire describe the problem-posing model of education? 

10. How does the problem-posing model of education differ from the banking model of education? 

11. Think about your own educational/academic journey from pre-kindergarten to this current time and respond to questions below. 

a. Identify which model of education (banking or problem-posing) you think dominated your educational/academic journey. If both models were more or less equally present in the educational process, then state it. 

b. Why did you choose this model of education as the one that dominated your educational/academic journey? If both models were more or less equally present in the educational journey, give an example that justifies your response. 

c. Which is/was your preferred model of education? Give a reason for your response. 

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