Part 1&2 - Legislation Grid & Legislation Testimony/Advocacy Statement

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The Assignment: (1- to 2-page Legislation Grid; 1-page Legislation Testimony/Advocacy Statement)Be sure to add a title page, an introduction, purpose statement, and a conclusion. This is an APA paper.

Part 1: Legislation Grid 

Based on the health-related bill (proposed, not enacted) you selected, complete the Legislation Grid Template. Be sure to address the following:

  • Determine the legislative intent of the bill you have reviewed.
  • Identify the proponents/opponents of the bill.
  • Identify the target populations addressed by the bill.
  • Where in the process is the bill currently? Is it in hearings or committees?

Part 2: Legislation Testimony/Advocacy Statement

Based on the health-related bill you selected, develop a 1-page Legislation Testimony/Advocacy Statement that addresses the following:

  • Advocate a position for the bill you selected and write testimony in support of your position.
  • Explain how the social determinants of income, age, education, or gender affect this legislation.
  • Describe how you would address the opponent to your position. Be specific and provide examples.
  • At least 2 outside resources and 2-3 course specific resources are used.


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