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Question 1 of 5 Assess the market model of governance in relation to evaluating the concept of polis. Assess this from different levels and content. 

 Question 2 of 5 Provide a thorough example of an analysis of liberty in the polis. Include symbols, party issues that may arise and any other relevant events to build content for this response 

Question 3 of 5 Examine how party interests, interest groups and public interest impacts the implementation of legislation and explain why any level of interest is important for implementation. 

Question 4 of 5 Evaluate how persuasion in relation to information dissemination impacts certain areas of industry, public sector legislation or law. 

 Question 5 of 5 Present a one to two paragraph summary of what you learned and how you can apply it to your profession and/or academic discipline and field of interest. Unlike the current event analysis, this is a synthesis that provides you with an opportunity to relate the concepts from the course to your real world goals.
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