NRSG4513 - Prioritization and Critical Thinking

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NRSG 4513- Prioritization and Critical Thinking

Reflective Journaling

Journal Assignments Must be Uploaded onto Blackboard prior to each due date.


1. A reflection of how your week went, by answering at least 1 (one) of the “ required questions” below or in lieu of the “required” questions, an issue that you want to explore that is not on this list, such as a significant “aha” moment.

2. A reflection including the “ specific weekly” questions listed below.

“REQUIRED QUESTIONS." Answer 1: provide supporting evidence

· Describe a situation where you had to work with a patient who had a different cultural background than your own. What did you learn from this experience? Did you feel that you held any prejudices that affected your judgments? If so, explain these prejudices.

· Describe how you were able to think through issues on your own.

· Detail any instances where you listened and tried to understand other points of view.

· Reflect on a time when you encountered a patient who was diabetic. When writing about this experience, address the following issues: When you were caring for the patient, were there any instances where you had to admit that you did not have the expertise to solve a problem? If so, describe.

· What am I grateful for today? What am I proud of myself for this week? 

· Think about a clinical experience that made you question your values or beliefs. How did you resolve this conflict?

· Describe a time when you went above and beyond for a patient. How did it impact the patient and yourself?

· Reflect on a time when you worked with a interdisciplinary team. What did you learn from this experience?

· Think about a clinical experience where you saw a patient experience a positive outcome. What did you learn from this experience?

This list is in no way exclusive; you may find issues that you want to explore that are not on this list.  This is your opportunity to express yourself and the impact of the clinical experience has on you as a nurse.

“SPECIFIC WEEKLY” QUESTIONS (answer the correct question each week, provide supporting evidence):  

How can you ensure that you are following best practices and evidence-based guidelines to provide the highest quality of care?

How can you improve your teamwork and collaboration to ensure that you are working together effectively to provide safe and efficient care?

How can you identify and address potential safety hazards in your work environment to prevent errors and adverse events?

How can you improve your critical thinking skills to better assess and manage complex patient situations?

How can you ensure that we are providing culturally sensitive care that represents the diversity of your patients and colleagues?

How can you use reflection to continually assess your own knowledge and skills and identify areas for improvement?

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