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Music 103 unit 4DB Time signature part ll find your favorite song on youtube and attach the link to your post.can you identify by listening what the meter signature is of your song? Is it duple, triple,or quadruple?Is it simple or compound? Explain in a couple of sentences why you believe your song is in that meter. Pick any song it's okay.

 My next is music 103 unit 4 assignment counting in compound meter predict where the bar lines would go , count the number of measures,and then write the number of measures in the blank

 If you can I need them by Wednesday 12 noon my time please.

 His101 civilization unit 4 db: ancient japan. Discuss the influence of china on political and religious development of japan during the first millennium CE. Debate which influence you believe to be the most important in shaping the culture of japan. In your debate, explain if this influence had a positive or negative effect on japan's development and society. Make sure to provide specific examples to support your position.

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