Module 2 Discussion - The distribution of prisoners and offenders

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Discussion Module 2

  1. You are to take a web field trip to Mass Incarceration: The Whole PieLinks to an external site..  View the distribution of prisoners and offenders in the Pie Charts or other charts. Select ONE of the charts. First give us the name of the chart you have chosen. Secondly, explain what these statistic mean to our society; and what can we do to reverse the negative connotations?
  2. The book mentions unique sentences, such as an accountant being sentenced to providing free tax services to the poor. Another example is the judge that sentenced a man charged with manslaughter, after driving drunk and hitting and killing pedestrian, to visit the grave of the victim on the victim’s birthday every year for 10 years and place flowers on the gravesite. Find an example of a unique sentence on the Internet, in the media, or one you are familiar with and post a summary 
  3. What is significant about the Baze v. Rees, April 2008 Supreme Court Case? Do you agree or disagree with the ruling? 
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