Medication Commercial - Some form of visual presentation

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Medication Commercial

Medication Commercial (50 points)


· Some form of visual presentation is required: Prepare a 5-10-minute pharmacology commercial to present during class. This could be a PowerPoint presentation, a handout, or even a recorded commercial using some other form of technology. If your presentation is recorded, you will still be standing in front of the class presenting and answering questions after the presentation! When developing your commercial, ask yourself what information is important to highlight about the featured medication. Think about different medication commercials that grabbed your attention—what was it about those commercials that got you interested?

· You can choose any medication you want; it does not have to be a medication we discussed in class.

· Information presented as if presenting to a patient. Medication commercials we see on TV are geared toward the patient- your information should be presented in a way your patient can understand. Ensure you include all required information – follow the rubric below!

· Upload to the D2L drop box by the due date.

· Each student is required to comment on at least two other commercials after the presentation.

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