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Managment Information NEW

What are the advantages of developing a website using a tool such as Artisteer or Joomla? Are there any disadvantages. Explain?

Linux is a free and stable operating system, which is a great advantage. What are the disadvantages of adopting it?

Give three reasons why Linux has become a popular server operating system.

Define Software Piracy. How if affect the software industry. Mention several forms of Software piracy. What is function of BSA and SIIA.

Define a ready-made software. What are the main elements to consider when purchasing ready-made software for an organization?

What is multimedia? What are the different media in multimedia?

Give five examples of how this technology can be used in training, customer service, and education.

What is VoIP? If you were a business owner, what factors would you consider to be important in order to switch to VoIP for your phone system?

What risks to organizations does the growing use of networks pose?

Explain the most important types of networks. (LANs, MANs, WANs, and PANs)

What are the technical advantages of optical fibers over other communications media?

Would an astronomy observatory 20 miles away from a city or town likely be able to get DSL service? Why?

What is BPL? Why is the technology potentially available to almost every home?

Consider the following statement: Database management systems and data-warehousing techniques are the greatest threat to individual privacy in modern times. What do you believe are the issues associated with the consolidation and gathering of private-industry data (discussed in the Ethical & Societal section) by the federal government?

What is SQL? In which database model does it operate? Why is it so popular?

Why is it not advisable to query data from transactional databases for executive decision making the same way you do data warehouses?

The combination of RFID and database technology enables retailers to record data about consumers even when they have not purchased anything at the store. Can you think of an example and how the data could be used?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of object-oriented databases (OODBs)?

Some top-level domains (TLDs) are reserved for certain organizations. Why is this important? Would you prefer that anyone could register a TLD of his or her choice?

What is XML? How is it different from HTML, and what purpose does it fulfill in web commerce?

When selecting a web hosting company, one of the important factors to consider is uptime ratio. What is it, and why is it important?

What does “unique monthly visitors” mean in online lingo? Who uses this metric and for what purpose?

When contracting with a web hosting company, what is the difference between a shared server and a dedicated server?

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