Literature Review - Critically Analyzing Literature

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Literature Review

Critically Analyzing Literature

To familiarize yourself with your assigned project topic, it is key that you analyze the information that is out there. The first step is to do a literature review. Not only will this provide you with information to start your project, but it will serve as a reference source any time when you’re designing surveys, writing IRB’s, manuscripts, presentations, etc. The following table will serve as a guide for you to conduct your literature review. Please source 5-8 scientific, peer-reviewed pieces of literature regarding your topic. Sites such as Scopus, Pub-Med, Google Scholar, NCBI, etc. are all valuable tools you can use. An example has been outlined:

please scope out 5-8 peer reviewed, scientific articles on the following topics:

--Disparities in health care / health utilization in the US

--Disparities in cancer treatment outcome among minority populations

--Disparities in men's health, why men have poorer health in the US compared to women

--Clinical trial diversity and its importance

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