International Business - Group Final Project

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 International Business - Group Final Project

Pick a small local business (for-profit or non-profit) in HR area. Develop a comprehensive International Business plan proposal with cost analysis.  Evaluation criteria would include the following areas:

For this project you only have to work on these 3 sections and ill be talking about the short term rental market to Costa Rica. 

Formal institutions

- Legal system

- Business practices 

- Political stability

- Economic system

- Currency and economic stability (look at the last 24 months of currency exchange rate, is it fairly stable?) 

- Market entry barriers

- Administrative regulations / “red tape” 

- Taxation and interest rates

- Financing the projects (Availability of funding and sources)

2. Informal institutions

- Cultural distance and similarities (Hofstede and high- / low- context) 

- Specific cultural norms that may affect your operation

- Business practices and traditions

- Religion. Will a business built upon Christ-centered values be at an advantage or disadvantage in that particular environment? How would you suggest minimizing the disadvantage or using the advantage in your favor? 

3. The host country’s ability and means to support business development (Logistics: rail, ports, roadways?) 

Please use APA format, cite external sources and at least 2 full Bible verses to support your arguments and suggestions. This is an extensive report 

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