Identify the person or company of focus, explaining

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Case Study Martin Luther King Jr

Case studies should be substantive, interacting with what you have learned and answering the questions from the perspectives of the principles and concepts from the assigned readings. Your essayyyyyy should include the following format: 

  1. Identify the person or company of focus, explaining their context and why this case is important to study. Share why you selected this particular case as your choice. 
  2. Evaluate their ability to persuade. What techniques or principles do they utilize in their speaking/presentations? How does the audience respond? Why is it effective? Do they transform their audience? If so, how? 
  3. Explain, in your opinion, why this person is considered a great communicator. Do you personally resonate with this person? Why or why not? What ideas for your own presentations do you take away from this Case Study?  500 wordd min
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