Given a function described as the equation y

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1.) Given a function described as the equation y = 4x - 4, what is y when x is 1, 2, and 3?

2.) What are m and b in the linear equation, using the common meanings of m and b?

2 + 3x + 5 - 2x = y

3.) To draw a graph for y = 3/4x + 7, a person can draw a point at x of 0 and y of ___, a second point by going up 3 and over ___, and then draw a line through the points.

4.) According to the graph below, what is y when x is 4?

5.) Based on the line graph shown, how did Google's stock price perform between March 2015 and August 2015?

6.) Based on the grouped bar chart below, in which year did the largest number of women exist in the U.S. workforce?

7.) For which of the following sets of data should a stacked bar chart be used?

8.) Given a function described by the table below, what is y when x is 5?


2 6

4 8

5 9

6 12

9.) The figure below shows total costs for three gym memberships. Which is the most accurate statement?

10.) The figure shows estimated medical costs versus what a user actually pays for three health insurance plans with different deductibles. For which plan does the user pay the most for estimated medical costs of $3,000?

11.) Based on the vertical bar chart below, in which of the following months were just over 10% of professional European soccer players born?

12.) Cells B1, C1, and D1 contain the values Seat1Row1, Seat2Row1, and Seat3Row1. If cells B1, C1, and D1 were selected, and autofill used to fill E1, F1, and G1, what would be the auto-filled values?

13.) If B2 is changed from 7 to 9, what value will appear in C3 if C3 contains the formula =B2*2?

14.) What is the value of cell B2?

15.) What formula should be entered in A3 to compute A1 times B1?

16.) The figure below shows costs for a current home mortgage versus a refinanced home mortgage. Refinancing has initial costs but results in a lower monthly payment. Which best describes the lines?

17.) The formula in cell C2 is =A$2. Autofill is used by dragging C2's autofill box across to D2, E2, and F2. What formulas will appear in D2, E2, and F2, respectively?

18.) The total amount of time university students in the United States spend sleeping, eating and drinking, and leisure and sports is about:

19.) Given this equation for converting temperature from Fahrenheit (f) to Celsius (c) is C = [5(f – 32)]/9, what is the Celsius temp when Fahrenheit is 104 degrees?

20.) A downtown parking lot charges $5 per hour for the first 2 hours, then $2.50 per hour after that. Which equation(s) describes the total cost y as a function of the hours x?

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