Gambling With Revenues - Many states rely on revenue from gambling

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Gambling With Revenues


In chapter 6 of the course text, the author writes: 

"Many states rely on revenue from gambling to finance a portion of state government services. While most states do not raise much money from gambling, games of chance have been a growth industry for states."

What's more...

"As the result of a 2018 Supreme Court decision, several states have already begun to tax gambling on sporting events."

Here in Georgia, sports gambling has become an issue in the gubernatorial election. During last year's gubernatorial race, Stacey Abrams said it was time for Georgia to support casino gambling and sports betting. And now legislators are seeking to move a sports betting bill forward.

Do you agree? Are casino gambling and sports betting viable sources of revenue for the state of Georgia? What are the potential pitfalls of tapping into these revenues? How do you think the construction of a gambling casino would impact tax revenues and, as an extension, government budgets in Georgia? What would affect the quality of life in cities where casinos are located? Please cite your sources.  


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