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1. Which type of bankruptcy requires the liquidation of most of your assets

2. An installment loan is a loan that requires a borrower to pay

3. Which of the following is not one of the five C's of credit

4. Which of the following is not one of the situations that can defer student loan payments

5. Which of the following is the formula for calculating the APR on a credit card

6. The legal document that specifies the terms and conditions of a consumer loan is the

7. The grace period is the period of time before

8. Which of the following types of student loans does not begin to accrue interest until after graduation

9. When real property is used as collateral to secure a loan, the lender records a __________ against the property

10. When real property is used as collateral to secure a loan, the lender records a __________ against the property.

11. Which of the following is false about your consumer credit rights?

12. Which of the following statements is true concerning home equity loans

13. A budget that starts with the absolute necessities and debt payments and then adds expenditures until there is no more cash flow is known as a

14. Compared with a 15-year mortgage at the same rate of interest, a 30-year mortgage will

15. Which of the following is not one of the main sources of auto dealer profits

16. Ginny has researched several cars and she has narrowed down her choices to two cars. The car on the top of her list can be purchased with a bank loan or leased through the manufacturer's program. Ginny had a bad experience with her previous car, which gave her a lot of mechanical trouble and quickly lost its value at the time of trade-in. Ginny does not want to go through a similar experience again. She normally changes her cars every three to four years. Given her unpleasant experience, Ginny should consider

17. A good reason to refinance your home is to

18. An interest rate cap is likely to be associated with a(n) ________ mortgage

19. A home in a good location will generally

20. Mary Anne is considering buying a home close to her work for about $150,000. She is currently renting and does not have to pay for garbage disposal, landscaping, taxes, repairs, or maintenance. While she is excited about living in her own home and doing as she likes, she is worried about being responsible for many more aspects of ownership. In order to determine the true cost of ownership of a home, Mary Anne should consider

21. Borrowers sometimes pay points to their mortgage lender in order to

22. A lessee is a person who

23. An escrow account is typically held by the mortgage lender for the purpose of

24. When lending money in the form of a mortgage on a home, the lender requires a down payment in order to

25. The tax advantages of home ownership include all of the following except

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