FIN4504 Discussion 1 - Research and identify one security

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Discussion 1- Fin 4504


Research and identify one security that you believe is an attractive investment opportunity. It can be for a long position (expecting a price increase) or a short position (expecting a price decrease). Support your recommendation with evidence of fundamental or technical analysis. You do not have to perform fundamental or technical analysis by yourself from scratch, as you can use freely available resources to screen and identify securities. An example of a free resource is Yahoo! FinanceLinks to an external site..

After you post your recommendation, you need to provide your comments on the posts of at least two of your peers.

Use the discussion board to report on your assignment. Additionally, you may want to describe, in your own words, the insights, doubts, queries, and serendipitous findings when presented with the content in this module and discuss how you came to understand the concept. This should not be undigested information copied from course materials or internet resources. 

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