Evaluate the ethical aspects of the following studies

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Evaluate the ethical aspects of the following studies using the critical appraisal guidelines in the questions below. Pay special attention to the manner in which the participants vulnerability was managed.

Research Design

1. Will participants be assigned fairly to different treatment groups?

2. Will the Study setting minimize participants’ discomfort or anxiety?


3. Is the intervention designed to maximize benefits and minimize harm?

4. Under what conditions could the intervention be withdrawn or altered?


5. Is the population under study defined so as to minimize the risk that certain types of people (eg. women minorities)will be excluded or underrepresented"

6. Will potential participants be recruited into the study equitably and without the use of coercion?

Data Collection

7. Will respondent burden be minimized? Will participants time be used efficiently?

8. Will data collection staff be trained to be courteous, respectful, and caring?


9. Will participants identities be adequately protected?

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