Earth Science - Geology, The objective is to start

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Earth Science - Geology help with homework

Instructions for the presentation

The objective is to start your research for your final essay and share your preliminary findings with the class. You will submit a 5-minute video for your presentation with slides, which means one slide per minute.

You should already identify your city, the main sources of information, and the preliminary findings for the four main questions of the assignment:


1. Identify how key infrastructure systems connect people, resources, information, capital, and so forth within your chosen city.

2. Analyze how this infrastructure developed by contextualizing this development within wider processes of global change. This will allow you to link the historical development of place-specific infrastructure systems to the broader social, political, economic, cultural, and environmental processes we discuss in class.

3. Critically analyze the impact of these infrastructure systems by uncovering and discussing how different social groups and environmental conditions have been impacted (positively and/or negatively) by the creation and development of these infrastructure systems. This will also give you a chance to explore how your city’s vital infrastructure systems are impacted by social and environmental change.

4. Apply the theory covered throughout the semester to the study of your city.

(the whole theory throughout was the climate change ) .

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