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Reflect Technology has the potential to take the lid off teaching and learning. Technology can make all kinds of learning experiences available to any student, anytime, anywhere. A commitment to using technology anytime you need to convey information makes data more portable and multisensory than any visual or verbal description.

Another name for the whole gamut of instructional strategies we've studied in this course is authentic instruction. Five Standards of Authentic Instruction

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And my very favorite teacher of all time--Merlin the Magician--was an expert. When he was teaching Wart, the future King Arthur of Camelot, Merlin stressed to Wart that he must understand all his subjects and see the kingdom from their point of view. In order to teach Wart as authentically as possible, he turned Wart into a fish, into a bird, into a beggar. Now, that's a pretty amazing teacher! And that's the type of magical teachers I want you to become, and technology can help it happen. Technology can take us places we will never visit, put us in communication with people we'll never meet, and allows us to experiment with social and scientific strategies without blowing ourselves, or the world, to smithereens.

Write Now it’s your turn. What is your favorite topic, or area of interest? Share and describe a webcam or virtual reality site that addresses your topic.  

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