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Information is everywhere and there is a glut of opinions, news, and data on the internet when making a decision. Some of this information is accurate and is free of bias while other information exists just to manipulate you. This is an exercise in discernment. For this week's discussion, you will select two (2) resources from the internet (i.e. CNN, Breitbart, Twitter, Truth Social, The Young Turks, MSNBC, RT, CNBC, Newsmax, or any Facebook channel to assess. Any "news" source is fair game. Try to see if you can find similar arguments made by organizations or resources on the opposite political spectrum if possible. Then do the following:

State one argument made by each resource you will assess. Then, using one or more methods from Chapter 6, assess the claims for truthfulness and logic. See if you can develop some counterexamples or whether you can use any information in the two sections on Engaging with the Argument to assess the claims. Try to have some fun with this. 

Finally, give your opinion on the quality of the source and whether one should see each as credible or not to be trusted.

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