Discussion - Communications Security For Remote Workers & Mobile Platforms

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Discussion: Communications Security For Remote Workers & Mobile Platforms

Before you begin, read: https://us.norton.com/internetsecurity-privacy-what-is-a-vpn-tunnel.html OR search for "tunneling protocols used in vpn" and choose an appropriate resource from the Internet.

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic forced many  organizations to rapidly transition existing employees to a "work from  home" situation. The overall success of such arrangements has encouraged  many companies to adopt Work From Home (previously known as "telework"  or "telecommuniting") for all or part of the work week as a permanent  strategy. In these situations, a secure means of accessing the  organization's internal networks and resources must be provided to the  dispersed workforce. Virtual Private Networks are a frequently deployed  technology solution capable of addressing and compensating for the  myriad privacy and security concerns that arise in "Work from Home" or  telecommuting situations.

VPN's depend upon tunneling protocols as foundation technologies. For  this briefing paper, identify and discuss the four main tunneling  protocols that can be used to provide virtual private network access  between remote users and a company's internal (corporate) networks and  resources. Provide examples of how each protocol can be used within a  VPN solution.

Format: this week, your deliverable should be  formatted as a 5 to 7 paragraph briefing paper. You should have an  introduction, analysis sections, and an appropriate summary section.  Include citations (in the text) and references (at the end) to support  your work and allow your readers to fact check your analysis and  conclusions.

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